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Our Topic All About Me

All About Me


This half term we have been thinking about ourselves in the topic "All About Me".  The children explored their senses, trying different fruits.  Could they tell what they were by touch, smell or taste? We talked about what the fruits felt like - using our hands, and when we ate it.

The children had great fun writing tasty words to go with our fruit tasting afternoon!

We learnt about how animals use their senses using the internet.  Did you know that when a rabbit twitches it's nose it's called a nose blink?  Or that a male moth can smell a female moth 6 miles away?  Follow the link to find out more:


We went outside to investigate how good our sense of smell is by playing a game.  The children had to smell the box and then find the matching scent...lemons, lavendar and fish sauce!  They were very good at it!

We then thought about how we use our sense of sight and touch.  The children took their chatty chum for a "blindwalk", leading their partner who had their eyes shut.  They had to really look after them and  watch for where their chatty chum was going to tread.