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Oscar Romero Rangers (formally known as school councillors)

The elected Oscar Romero Rangers (formally School Councillors) for the autumn term of 2022 are:

Yr 1 - December 2022

Yr 2 - Isaac 

Yr 3 - Mesk

Yr 4 - Isobel

Yr 5 - Sancta

Yr 6 - Rose 


Following our Catholic Social Teaching Inset, we have decided to call our school councillors Oscar Romero Rangers.  Their role is to be the voice of the children in their class, to be part of some of the decisions made in the school, to be stewards of the school environment and to promote justice, peace and charity.  

New Oscar Romero Rangers will be voted for in December 2022 to start in January 2023 and there will be a boy and a girl from each class.  

Their first charitable event this academic year is to help with the Macmillan tea and cake sale on Friday 30th September at 2pm.  

Oscar Romero Rangers


We are your school councillors and we are here to listen to your views, ideas and concerns.  Come and talk to us.  We're very friendly.  

The first task Mrs Wall asked us to do was to ask the children in our classes about playtimes.  We asked what they liked about playtime, what could be better, whether they felt safe at playtimes, what clubs they would like to see for the children and how we could improve the experience for everyone.  

We have all met with our classes and given the responses to Mrs McKnight who is in the process of gathering them up as a report to give to Mrs Wall.  We will share the results on this page as soon as we can.  


In the meantime, if you have any great ideas, please let us know. 

Goodbye for now, from your school councillors. 


Following the report from the children, new playtime equipment was purchased in the summer term and is now in full use across lunchtime.