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Summer classroom music 2021

St Jude's Primary High hopes video 2021

St Jude's Primary School whole school singing 'virtually' during the summer term 2021 'High Hopes by Panic at the disco' with instrumentalists.

Year 6 have been playing, composing and arranging songs using the UKULELE.

Please listen to their songs below. 

Year 6 Goodbye to St Jude's Wellerman

Goodbye St Jude's Wellerman song written, played and performed by our wonderful Year 6 students

Memories of St Jude's from Year 6

Our Year 6 students have been working on their songwriting skills. Here is their version of Memories of St Jude's.

St Jude's School is currently working towards the GOLD AWARD and has recently achieved the 'Silver Award' from 'Together with Music' for completing musical tasks with a local care home

Year 5 have been singing (in parts) and playing 'Native American' music using 'Tatanka' drumming techniques.

Year 4 have composed a RIVER SOUNDSCAPE using a range of tuned percussion instruments

Year 3 have been learning about Roman musical instruments, composing a 'March soundscape', singing Roman songs and also recording their own class 'Friendship song' written by a Year 3 pupil.

Year 2 have composed and arranged their own version of Haul Away.

What the Ladybird Heard song by Year 1 (Julia Donaldson)

Year 1 singing their own version of 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson

Year R have been learning 'mini-beast music' using rhythms and singing farm songs

St Jude's Easter Blessing 2021

'He is Risen (Easter blessing)' singing assembly song (recorded in classroom bubbles as per government guidelines) by St Jude's School Fareham. Music and words Mark and Helen Johnstone Out of the Ark music.

During music this term we have all been singing Easter songs (in our classroom bubbles)

Year R have been listening to Spring and Easter music whilst using instruments.

Year 1 creating music inspired by 'Zog' and 'Castles'.

Year 2 have composed a class soundscape inspired by the ship Titanic.

Year 3 composed music to sound like 'volcanos' and 'natural disasters' 

Year 4 have played 'viking music' using pentatonic scales.

Year 5 have listened to the music of John Cage and composed 20th century music inspired by fairground rides.

Year 6 have listened to 'The young persons guide to the orchestra', compared Purcell to Benjamin Britten and created their own class interpretation. 

Year 3 Weather soundscape.

Still image for this video

Photos showing a year 3 pupil conducting a soundscape and singing practise.

Together with Music - it starts with a song! March 2021

Together with Music is a virtual music campaign that will build connections between care homes, residents, older people and their local schools. St Jude's have recently signed up to this campaign and we hope to build new connections by sharing our favourite songs online with our local communities. There will be activities to complete in order for children to achieve a certificate of merit.

Sing out! performed by St Jude's Primary School November 2020

St Jude's Primary School, Fareham, Hampshire, performing 'Sing out!'. This song was written during lockdown by Mrs Crane (music teacher at St Jude's). All cla...

St Jude's Primary School, Fareham, Hampshire perform with The Band of HM Royal Marines.

St Jude's Primary School, Fareham perform in collaboration with The Band of HM Royal Marines Collingwood. This was recorded virtually in 'classroom bubbles' ...

Within St Jude's School our children have many strong military links and we are extremely proud and lucky to be the first primary school to join in a project collaborating with The Band of HM Royal Marines which has enabled the HM forces to reach out to schools during this time.


Our classes used the music 'Timepiece no 1' (especially written for them) to create their own musical responses using a range of classroom instruments including; Boomwhackers, ukuleles, piano, body percussion and movement.  Our music was put together with the musicians from The Band of HM Royal Marines Collingwood to create our very own unique performance. 


Here are a few quotes from the children after watching the video today:


"I think this was an amazing experience"  

"The drums were COOL!"

"It sounded really good" 

"It's nice to see my friends from different classes all playing together"

"I loved the fact that everyone worked together to make this good piece"

"The cymbals made a great finish"

"I liked the LOUD trumpets"

"I just really liked it all"

"It was special to be able to play with the Royal Marines Band"


This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved and we really hope you enjoy watching the final results.


Mrs Crane

Boomwhacker Christmas preview December 2020

This term we have been using 'Boomwhackers' during our music lessons. Here is a short preview of 'Rudolph comes to town' played by Year 5.

St Jude's Christmas CD December 2020.

This year every student from Nursery to Year 6 has taken part in the recording our Christmas CD (recorded in class bubbles). The songs range from our Candlelight Carol Service to Fun Christmas classics. Well done to all involved.

St Jude's blessing

Our 8 students from St Jude's singing for the Edith Stein project

The Edith Stein Partnership Blessing November 2020

We are delighted to share the end result of some of our children working together within 'The Edith Stein Partnership'. Thank you to all for your amazing work!

You can use these online links below to make music at home: