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Monday 8th February



Don't be daunted by the amount of  links I have put up.  You do not have to present anything until Friday.  Use the week to do some research and collect information, just as you did for the Holiday Brochure on the Cambrian mountains.  You will be researching and collecting information about Ancient Greece so you can present a non-chronological report by Friday.  You can present it any way you choose - a powerpoint, a leaflet, etc.  Remember you have written a non-chronological report before about an imaginary falcon.  You must choose at least 4 topics within Ancient Greece to write about, so I have given you links to bbcbitesize and one other site to help you.  You can research other sites if you wish.  Those 4 topics will be your sub-headings.  You can use a rhetorical question as a sub-heading - Have you ever wondered what the Ancient Greeks did for us? - for example.  You can make it fun, giving it a Horrible History type look, but the facts must be correct. 

I have given you words with Greek origin for your spellings and vocabulary, so you might want to include a few of those in your writing.  

Your presentations of the Cambrian Mountains were very impressive, so I have high hopes for these.  

Happy researching and planning.  


You will using the Greek roots 'dict' and 'bio' to explore the meanings of other familiar, and not so familiar, words we use all the time.  Use the example I've put up - Heal and Quest - to make words we use in English.  

There is also a short video to watch about the meaning of 'dict'.