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Monday 25th Jan


You have a reading task today and tomorrow. 

You will be reading the Greek myth Jason and the Argonauts. 

After the text, there are 4 inference questions to answer and 4 questions about the structure and layout of the text.  

Inference questions mean you have to work out the answer from clues in the text.

Structure and layout questions ask you to identify how and why authors have used specific punctuation, grammar or technical features to emphasise words or phrases.

Please answer the questions as fully as possible, drawing on evidence in the text to justify your opinion.  

You can refer back to the text whenever you need to and you may need to read it more than once. 

Tomorrow, you will have more questions to answer about this Greek Myth.  


Today you'll be finding out how to calculate the area of rectangles.  Go through the first ppt and calculate the area of the rectangles on each slide and then go to the second ppt.  In that ppt you will learn how to calculate the area of compound shapes - you will discover what they are in the ppt.  

When you feel confident, there is an activity sheet for you to complete.