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Monday 22nd Feb


When you've read the 2 information sheets describing pronouns, have a go at the Can You Still? sheet. 

After that, you will listen to me read two chapters from 2 different books.  Please listen to them because you have to decide which book you want me to carry on with.  You have to let me know today so I can carry on reading it.  If you don't let me know your vote won't count!

If you have time, complete the spelling and vocabulary tasks I have set. 

For the time being, I'm going to give you spelling tasks like this so you can practise making the word and then using it. 

The vocabulary task depends on you having listened to me reading the chapters of the books as you're asked to write lines of dialogue using some of the characters you've been introduced to so far.  


Maths - Can You Still? and main tasks

Have a go at the questions on the Can You Still? sheet, and then watch me demonstrate how to solve them.  If you're still a bit unsure, rewind and watch again pausing whenever you need time to think.  


We use percentage all the time in our day to day lives.  Any of you with a phone will know that when the charge falls below a certain percentage you have to recharge it.  You will know that when your phone is 100% charged it is fully charged.  If you eat 100% of a pizza, you eat it all.  If there is a 50% sale, it means that items are half price.  

When you listen to the first video, and you're asked to say the sentences to describe the percentages, please do it as the act of saying them out loud will help you remember it.  

Any time you need to pause and/or rewind, please do so.  Complete the worksheets before going on to the second video.  

Only go on to the second video if you are confident with the tasks you did with the first one.  It might be that you only listen to the second video today to give yourself time to prepare to do the work and then listen to it again tomorrow before doing the task.  

Do your best and remember to pause if you need to.   

Once you have completed the Lent quiz and have read all the information, you will know that one of the things Christians should do during this time is to pray.  
I would like you to find some quiet moments each day this week to pray.  Praying isn't just about saying the words, it's about listening to God speak to you in your heart.  You might not be able to find the words, but sit quietly somewhere, relax and open your heart and mind.  Spend some time thinking of others and ask God to help them.