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Margaret Godfrey - Painting

Margaret Godfrey


The children have been learning about Margaret Godfrey.  Margaret Godfrey is a self-educated artist whose art reflects a very personal interpretation of the world.   Margaret is a symbolic painter who’s paintings have an abundance of symbols which help to tell a story.  She uses watercolour, acrylic, ink and collage in her creative works.


The children explored her work and focused on a painting of a volcano.  They discovered the painting was created using water colour and collage.  The collage added texture to the painting. This is the original painting by Margaret Godfrey.

The children practiced colour mixing using water colours.  They revisited what primary colours would make secondary colours.  For example, they mixed red and blue to make purple for the sky.  Through experimentation they also discovered that by adding more water the colour became lighter.  

Using the skills they had learnt in the previous lesson, the children began to create their own interpretation of the painting.  They all thoroughly enjoyed it and made really careful decisions about how they did it.  

The final master piece!