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Lower Treginnis Farm

The Farm House 

The house was very cosy and had all the things we needed to keep us going during our stay.

Pigs & Poultry

While at the farm, the children got to meet some newly hatched chicks and learn how eggs were incubated. They got to meet the hens who were laying the eggs too. They also got to meet the and feed the boar, sows and gilts.


The children learned all about the donkeys on the farm and helped to muck them out and groom them.


Most of the food that we ate was produced or grown at the farm. Children got the opportunity to make some of the puddings that we had with our lunches using vegetables in order to increase the nutritional value.


The children helped to clean & prepare pens for the goats with food, hay, water, and comfortable bedding. They got to milk a goat too!


On the farm and the fields surrounding it, there were 1800 sheep! We got to meet Aled, the sheep farmer and his dogs. We saw some of the pregnant ewes and new lambs and helped to feed them.

Log sawing

In order to fuel the log burning fire in the dining room, the children sawed and split logs to a useable size and made kindling with smaller bits of wood as well.

Beach Walk

On our final morning, the weather was very kind and we were able to walk to the beach where the children went rock pooling, built pebble towers, built water channels and spent some time by the fire.


The farm was surrounded by spectacular scenery which we were able to take in on our walks.