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Life Cycles

During the autumn term, we explored the life-cycle of a range of living organisms.  We learned what it meant to be something that is living.  Being able to grow, move, reproduce and take in nutrition are all indicators of something that is alive.  The children made powerpoints about a given creature and had to research information such as, life expectancy, diet, habitat and gestation period.  They also had to explain whether their creature was a mammal, an insect, a marsupial, a bird or a reptile and describe its life-cycle.  We are in the process of the children presenting these to the rest of the class. This gives them a real audience and purpose and encourages them to edit and refine their work as they know others will be seeing it.  

Before looking at creatures, the children explored the life-cycle of plants.  They all had the opportunity of searching the school grounds and collecting conkers, acorns, grasses, leaves etc, to discuss at what stage in the plant's life-cycle these parts belong.  Also, they worked in pairs to dissect an iris, to discover how it was pollinated and fertilised.  They found eggs within the ovary and marvelled at how small they were. We discussed seed dispersal and how the seed then germinates underground.  They really were fascinated by this process and learned a great deal about the life-cycle of plants.