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Year 1 Music

Hello Year 1,


I can see you have been learning about farm animals and zoo animals.


I thought you might like to listen to some lovely classical animal music.


Music can create pictures in your mind.


Close your eyes and listen really carefully to these pieces of music. Can you imagine the different animals moving around?


This music is from a collection called 'The carnival of the animals' by Saint-Saens. (He was a french composer)




♬ Camille SAINT-SAENS ♯The Carnival of the Animals (I): LION Royal March


♬ Camille Camille SAINT-SAENS ♯ Carnival of the Animals (V): THE ELEPHANT/L'éléphant

Elephant melody

♬ Camille SAINT-SAENS ♯ The Carnival of the Animals (IV): TORTOISES ]


Nautical Sea songs


Here is a link where you will find lots of 'nautical sea songs'. 

You could start with 'The big ship sails on the alley-alley-oh'

  • Join in with the singing
  • Try the clapping games with rests
  • Listen to the musical sounds activity


If you liked this, you could try some of the other songs too.

Have fun!

Try using some of these online music games from the BBC Bring the noise: PLAY IT!


  • You can listen and layer songs
  • Feel the beat playing along
  • Be in the band