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Home Learning Challenge - Shapes

Dear Parents


Please watch the following YouTube clip and ask your child to name the shapes. 


Either use the document I have attached below and record the names of what your child found or design your own sheet. Alernatively, you can ask your child to take photographs of what they found. Go on a shape hunt to find everyday objects around the house and talk about the shapes you can find e.g. talk to your child about how a light switch is a square shape.




You may wish to pause the video at various places and talk abou each shape, for example, talk about how many sides they have and how they are the same and different to each other.


Make a tally chart of the shapes found explaining that you make a mark every time you see the shape. Count how many of each shape you have found.


Ask questions such as, 'Which one had the most?' 'Which was the biggest shape you found?'


Talk about the shapes of everyday objects, e.g. using the language of 'round' and 'tall'.