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Home Learning

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 9th February.  With children working so much online at the moment this is a big issue.  Children need to learn valuable lessons now that will help set up good habits and understanding about how to use the internet safely.  Follow the link below for more information around this:


You may feel you have this sussed as a parent - but please watch this.   Starting to TALK with your child now about these important issues lays such important foundations to be able to keep those conversations going as your child gets older.

Positive Support for Your Child


Do take a look at the Powerpoint for advice about how best to support your child through this time.

Follow the link for information about Hampshire Libraries winter reading challenge.  There is information here to about Borrow Box - a free app, allowing you to borrow books and audio downloads for free:

Home Learning


If your child is off due to Coronavirus and needs Home Learning then here are some documents you might find helpful.  If you haven't got a printer then don't worry - your child can use them on screen, or you can copy something out for them to use.  Making a number line together can all be part of the learning process.