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Home Learning

Home-learning for children

I have spoken to the children about what I would like them to do up until the Easter Holidays.  I have given all the children a dark green exercise book in which they can complete their work. 

  1. Read as much and as often as possible
  2. Practise spellings – in the middle of the children’s reading logs are the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling lists.  It would be really useful if the children could spell these confidently and knew what they all meant.  They could put some of them into sentences to ensure they understand what they mean. 
  3. Practise sentence structures and types.  Again, in the children’s reading log there is a double page spread about how to build sentences. 
  4. The children can choose to do another activity from their Spring Homework sheet (given in January) and they can do a project about someone or something in which they are interested.  They can draw pictures, write stories and write fact-files or similar. 
  5. Practise times tables rock stars
  6. Write out multiplication tables – boring I know, but it works
  7. Continue practising your maths facts
  8. I will put up 2 more weeks of vocabulary homework

I am not setting and homework for the Easter Holidays, I would just like the children to continue reading. 

Please look at the website and you will find a spelling list of the first 300 hundred high frequency words and a list of common exception words.  If you or your child know that spelling is sometimes a challenge for them, please ask them to practise daily – especially the high frequency words. 

Some useful websites for you to access –

  • there are lots of animations the children can watch as a stimulus for writing or discussing
  •    you(parents) can join for free and then there are lots of e-books the children can access
  •  lots of images the children can use as a writing or talking stimulus.  There are story starts and ideas given that the children could choose to write about
  • (the Royal Geographical Society) and then search for North America/USA and  research as much as want



Many thanks.  Stay safe.    D McKnight