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Week beginning 1.6.2020

Hi everybody!

I hope you've all had a great week off for "half term" and been enjoying the sunshine.  I've put on here what we are doing in school. I will publish daily on Tapestry what we are doing so you can join in at home as closely as you can on the day - I hope this is helpful.  If you can add photos and things your child has said onto Tapestry then that would really help me when I plan for the children for next week.



Everyday start with a phonics run through.  

This week I just want to see how the children are getting on as they settle back into school.  If you could take a photo and put it on Tapestry then that would be really helpful for me so I know what the children need to go over again.  
Ask your child to write the words below, sound each word out once with your child and ask them to repeat it a couple of times on their own and then they write them.  If they are incorrect - it doesn't matter - please just photograph it and send it  - this is what will help me most with my planning!

Do one line below each day: 


Monday: met set  fan fun fat  lip log let had hit hen ship shop fish sack

Tuesday: bin cat cot can kit mud up cup bad back kick lock

Wednesday: red run rat jog jam vet yap yes yum web win wish wet sock

Thursday: zap zip chin chat chop fox box fix six sing bang thing wing quiz quit thin thick



Try and do one or 2 of these sections each day:

Think about 13 - count out 13 things, 
Find it on the number line,
Order numbers to 13
Read them in and out of order
Make it with numicon

Put it out as counters on no line – what do we know – it’s 10  then count on 11,12,13
Order numbers to 13


What do we know about 13?  10 and 3 more –  How is 31 and 13  different?  Show your child on a tape measure.
How far does 13 steps look like?  
Use a timer for 13 seconds - how many times can they jump / star jump / tuck jump / tuck jump from ground.  Can you think of any more shapes or things you could do?  Pegs on the washing line, beads in a  pot?


Put 13 on no line – 1 more / less, 2 more / 2 less
Writing 13 – Start at 1, put 13 at other end of your strip of paper – where would 10 go?  5?  3? 11? Etc – then your child can fill in the gaps to make the rest of the number line.


Go on the  ISEEMATHS website

Go to Free Resources: Early Number Sense and open Dots 6-9 - can they recognise the numbers on the 10 frames -  how do they know?  can they make them?  – Can they make the numbers on the 10 frame 
 and then on number line and then with numicon 


Get out the tape measure  and explore 1 metre - what does it look like?  What does 2 metres look like? 
 2 metres can they hop along it?  Jump / run – how many steps does it take each time? why does it change?



We are looking at Mindful Monsters this week.  Download their free pack of 12 activity cards.  Over the week can your child draw or paint one of the monsters and write a label to go with it. 


Ask your child to think about what they are thankful for - do this together.  Can they write 5 things they are thankful for.  Can they write them on colourful paper strips and Join to make a gratitude paper chain.


Ask your child to practice their rainbow breath (Tapestry photo put on near end of May).


Ask your child to think about one of their friends.  Create a list of 5 or even 10 things they like about them do is together.  Can they write them on colourful paper triangles to make bunting.



We will be reading the story of Noah's Ark.  Talk about how Noah must have felt on the ark - he couldn't go out, it was just him and his family together, and with all those animals to look after!  Talk about the dove - it is a symbol of peace, and here it is a symbol of hope.  What is a symbol?  Talk about the rainbow as a symbol of God's love for all of us.



Please practice the hand washing song on Tapestry together. 

Follow the link to Out of the Ark -  we will be learning 2 new songs this week in school:

Scroll down to Wellbeing, then scroll down to the song Together, and on down to the song Clap hands, stamp feet

Have a look on Mrs Crane's music page for some great song choices to learn.


PE - Rugby!

Can you and your child play with a ball - can they hold it with 2 hands like it's a rugby ball?  It doesn't matter if you don't have a rugby ball - a round ball will do! 

Run in a straight line down the garden or at the park. 

Can they create an obstacle course to zig-zag through to the end of the garden, holding onto their ball with 2 hands? 

Can they add a line as the try line and put their ball down on the floor over the line.  They must use 2 hands and put it down in a controlled way - just like in rugby!


I hope you have a good week.  Hopefully this great weather will stay for a while longer!

Mrs North