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Home Leanring Challenge - Scavenger Hunt

Dear Parents


Please watch the YouTube clips to help your child to pronounce the letter sounds 'p' and 'h'. While watching the clips, model and encourage your child to copy the sounds and actions (please see actions on the bottom of each YouTube video).  ('p' sound)  ('h' sound)


Use the document below to do a scavenger hunt around the house. For this you could place all items into one room and hide them or allow your child to search the house! You may wish to print the document out but do not have to.


Encourage your child to name the objects as he/she finds them.


To extend this activity, you could count the objects and/or organise them by size. Always count from left to right giving one number name per object as it is pointed to. Space the items out when counting so that your child understands the concept of 1:1 correspondence.


Please upload any written observations and/or photograph/video evidence onto your child's Tapestry account if he/she would like to complete this challenge.