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Hall Games

During a hall session, Mrs Cantillon asked the children to move in different ways such as walking, running, taking giant steps, walking on tiptoes etc. Each time the children stopped, Mrs Cantillon called out an emotion for the children to either move in a particular way or just show the emotion on their face. The children showed the emotions happy, sad, angry and surprised.


Mrs Cantillon asked the children if they could clap and jump a number of times, some of the children were very good at listening to the instructions and responding.


The children have also been learning colour recognition. Mrs Cantillon called out a particular colour and the children had to run to the correct coloured hoop. We talked about which hoop had the most and fewest children in it. 


Mrs Cantillon asked different numbers of children to stand in each hoop. The children counted how many were in each hoop and told Mrs Cantillon how many more had to be in each hoop to make the number the same. Some children were able to split the group in different ways and know that the total was still the same. Well done children!  

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