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Friday 5th March

To mark this historic period we have all experienced, I would like you to write a letter to your older self.  Describe what life was like during lockdown in society and at home.  Explain in as much detail as you can how you felt throughout it.  What was it like being separated from your extended family and friends for such a long time?  How was it to be taught by your parents? 

Make your letter as detailed and personal as you can, then ask your parents to put it in an envelope and look after it until you are an adult.  When you are older, and maybe even parents yourself, you can read it to remind yourself what life was like as a child during lockdown in 2021.  It will be your own historical document. The more you include, the better your memories will be.  

Don't upload it to me as this is your personal account and it's for your eyes only.  

Maths - Skills. You don't need to upload this as you can check your answers using the answer sheet. Thank you

Please use any other time you have to finish your Fairground ride and any other work that needs completing.  

Please bring your fairground ride in on Monday, so we can display them.