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Friday 5th Feb


Today is the last day you are going to spend presenting your holiday brochure for the Cambrian Mountains.  

I've already seen some lovely examples from home.  I've been really impressed with how you've used the vocabulary and spelling words I put up.  I was hoping you would, and you didn't let me down.  

Before you ask your parents to upload it, please use your Author at Work sheet to evaluate and check your work.  Does your brochure do its job? Is it persuading the reader to go on holiday in the Cambrian Mountains?  Have you included hyperbole and at least one rhetorical question?  Have you used a variety of sentence lengths and structures?

Have you checked your spellings, especially those high frequency words and common errors such as not putting and 'ed' at the end of past tense verbs, or not doubling the consonant after a short vowel sound?  Remember, there is no such word as alot. 

I'm looking forward to reading them and being persuaded.  


Can You Still

Complete and then watch the videos part 1 and 2 where I'll demonstrate how to find the answers

Weekly Skills check 4 

Please do what you can before you look at the answers to mark your own.  Let me know how you got on, please.  Don't worry about uploading it to me as I don't need to see it. 

If there are any questions you don't understand, or you don't know why you're wrong and your parents aren't sure how to explain, send me a message asking to explain.  

Thank you for working hard. 

Can You Still - better late than never!!!!!!!!

Time to complete other tasks.

I'm sure you've got other tasks to finish off from the rest of the week.  Art from yesterday, RE from the day before and some science activities.  

Please keep up with your reading, maths home facts and times tables practise. 

I know some of you have logged onto My Maths already and had a go at the task set, so if you haven't, have a go today. 

Remember to log into Times Tables Rock Stars to keep those times tables skills sharp.

Thank you to all of you who are working so hard, and thank you to your parents as well, as this is not easy.  

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care