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Today we are doing the sound "oe" - "A big hairy toe!"

You can look on cbeebies alphablocks for oe:


You might like the Dragons Egg game.  Remember to choose phase 5, and the oe sound:


English and RE "A Small Miracle"

This is our last piece of work around Christmas!
Click on the link to watch "A small miracle" on Youtube:
You can see Part 2 next to it, to follow on.

Talk to you child about the film.  Why did the figures in the Nativity scene help the old woman?
How will this change the old woman?

Have a Quick recap
In the Bible, the Wise men give gifts to Jesus.  Why did they give Him gifts?
Why do we give each other gifts at Christmas?

What kind thing could they do for someone else?  
Can they make a card to send to a grandparent or neighbour who is alone?  
Or maybe some cheery bunting, decorated with whatever they want - it only needs to be 5 or 6 triangles long on a  bit of string, ribbon or tape of some kind.  Choose one thing!  But the important bit is the message they write.
What message do they want to write?  
Part of our school mission statement is to make a difference - and this could really make a difference to someone's day.  
Please take a photo and send it to me.
I hope your child likes the video -  it is a little bit sad but this is a lovely story.  Each year I share this with children and they always love it. 



Use the sheet below to think about time - what's longer seconds or minutes? 

Can you make your clock say half past?  You don't have to print out the sheet just write out the important bits or record it in some way.



Last term Miss Barnes introduced us to Dance n'beats on youtube.  

Dance along to one of our class favourites "Big blue whale"


Have a great day everyone.


We've all made it to the weekend!  Well done Mums, Dads, Nannies and Grandads!


Best wishes

Mrs North