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Forest School Week 3

Today Year 3 battled the rain to enjoy their Forest School activities.  Once waterproof coats, trousers and wellies had been put on the children headed out to find Dr Collins.  They began their session looking for risks in the area, these were identified with a red flag and also signs of life such as berries, which were identified with green flags.  Dr Collins had found an old piece of tarpaulin and she wanted to know what the children thought it could be used for.  They all agreed that it should be used to make a shelter.  They are definitely embracing what life would have been like in the stone age.  


After this, the children followed the rules of camp and positioned themselves around the fire pit.  Today we made pancakes!  The children were very careful and flipped their own pancakes and served it onto a plate.  I was so impressed by how sensible all the children were despite their nerves.  They absolutely loved their pancakes as I'm sure you will see in the photographs!  


With full stomachs, the children took it in turns to play a stone age game.  The children had to hold the stick very tightly while their opponent tried to pull it from them.  We saw incredible strength and determination from the children.