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Forest School Week 2

What an interesting day we have had! Whilst Dr Collins was checking the forest school area this morning she discovered a fox head.  The children were given the option of seeing the head.  It had been dead quite some time and had possibly been disturbed when the grass and bushes had been cut.  The children were keen to see and listened attentively as Dr Collins explained the different parts and functions of the skull.  The children were then keen to see if they could discover any other parts.  They did!  One paw was found on the school field and another found within the area of the fire pit.  The children asked if the body parts could be buried so that is what Dr Collins did.  In some sense they became Archaeologists! 


Once this excitement was over, the children sat around the fire pit and toasted their bread.  They remembered how to behave around the fire pit and listened carefully to instructions.  The children enjoyed playing 'I went to the shop and bought...' They had some fantastic ideas.  


After they had finished their toast, the children did some flint knapping.  Dr Collins shared some flint, beeswax and conifer sap with the children and discussed how people in the stone age used these natural objects to make tools and weapons.  The children used a hammerstone and flint to try their hand at flint knapping.  They were very keen to be able to break some flint off.  By the end of the session we did manage to break off one piece.  Great team work Year 3!