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Forest School Week 1

Forest School - Week 1

Today Year 3 began Forest School with Dr Collins.  In readiness for a rainy day we put on our waterproof trousers and jackets, collected our water bottles and went in search of Dr Collins.  We began the session by toasting bread over the fire pit.  The children knew how to correctly position themselves and carefully toasted their bread until it was to their liking.  They then had the choice of butter or jam to spread on it.  Once all the children had taken their turn we left the camp and went onto the field.  Dr Collins explained how in the Stone Age people had to hunt for their food because there weren't any shops.  They used whatever they could to help them.  In this instance she had a reindeer horn.  The children each practiced throwing the horn at a bag to imitate a Stone Age person stunning a rabbit.  The children had a great time.  The children in the morning sessions also explored the school field and identified hazards by placing a red flag next to them.  The afternoon group then collected them in and identified why they had been put there. Hazards included: stinging nettles, thorns, fox poo, bird poo or branches which could be tripped over.  Check out our photos below to see what we got up to.