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I have been telling the children that Christmas is AGES away!  But we are focusing on the story "The Elves and the shoemaker" for our writing, and as the children are learning to count in 2s this is perfect!  In art this term the children will be learning about printing and so we looked at the designer and screen printer Jane Foster.

We looked at her website and watched a film all about her.  


We talked about what we noticed in the video and the images we looked at of her - how she looked the same and different from her logo; how she liked stripy clothes, and the colours red, yellow, black and white.

We looked at images of some of the Christmas toys she has created, and thought this might be a good place to start for making our own elves.  We talked about how Jane Foster had drawn their faces - the nose looks like the l we write in kinetic letters, and the beard like js.  We looked at the shape of the eyes she drew, and how she used cross hatching for their rosy cheeks. 

Jane used to be a music teacher and she composed and played the music that went with her film, so we put on some quiet piano music and drew our own elves in the same style as she uses.  We had a lovely afternoon - you can see the concentration on the children's faces, and what they produced is, I think, amazing!