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Egyptian Art - Making Scarab Beetles using clay

We enjoyed exploring why the Ancient Egyptians used the scarab beetle. Part of our initial enquiry was to complete observational drawings. We used images of scarab beetles to do this. We learnt how to use our pencils to create tone and to shade, creating a 3d effect on our page. The next step, was to explore pattern and design our own unique scarab beetle. Using Egyptian art and prints as our inspiration, it was useful to see what symbols and shapes were popular, for example a papyrus leaf shape, so we could consider using these in our own designs to ensure they were authentic. To become familiar with how to manipulate the clay and use the tools, we had some independent exploration time. We also learned how to join pieces of clay together by making 'slip' a mixture of clay with water. Some children added masking tape to the wire to create an impression of the beetles legs - this turned out to be very effective! For some, it was important to modify their design as they went along, having realised their initial design was to intricate to use in clay. We really enjoyed our art sessions this term - it helps us to relax when we are being creative!