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Egg Experiment

In RE we listened to the story of when Thomas listened to the news that Jesus had risen from the dead, but showed doubt.  

We were thinking about the meaning of ‘doubt’ and experiences where we have shown doubt.   

Miss Leader told us that she would be able to make an egg bounce.  Most of us doubted this, as eggs crack when they hit a surface, however others believed Miss Leader might be telling the truth. 

We compared this to the story of when Thomas doubted his friends’ news about Jesus. 


We left an egg in vinegar for 3 days.  When we checked on it after 3 days, we noticed lots of tiny bubbles laying on the shell of the egg.  We also noticed that the egg had become larger, whilst sat in the vinegar!  Miss Leader washed the vinegar off and discovered that the shell had gone and instead the egg felt bouncy to touch.  We tested out its bounciness by feeling it and letting it fall from a small height.  

Click on the link below to watch us test out the egg's bounciness.  

There was a lot of excitement, as you may be able to tell!