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Design and Technology - Viking Sail Design

What adaptation in sail design could impact how the Vikings Travelled?



Firstly, we worked with our partner to research sail designs. We thought about the shape, size and number of sails. We also observed what the purpose of the boat was – to carry goods safely, to win a race, to travel long distances, to travel open seas or in rivers. This helped us to consider the shape and size of sail designs that we might consider testing.  



Then, we worked with our partner to construct the frame. We created axels using straws and pieces of dowel, we had to be careful not to restrict the movement of the wheel yet ensure it was secure so the car boat could travel in a straight line.


Design, test, evaluate

Then we moved to the main hall so we could all access the same floor and would have room to test our vehicles.  We used masking tape to mark the start line to ensure we tested fairly. We used metre sticks to measure distances travelled and we used a table to record the sail design and distance covered. Each time we tested, we evaluated and made changes to try to consider how to ensure the boat propelled the furthest distance.  Our best design was then put to the test with the rest of the class designs using a fan  - all our sail designs were tested to find the most effective sail design.