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Cave Art

We are interweaving our art and history learning, as our current history topic is The Arts.  We have started off our learning journey, by learning about the oldest form of art; cave paintings.  We had a lesson researching cave paintings and learning about the origins.  Our second session was practical and we had the opportunity to create our own cave art!  The classroom was transformed into a cave, with minimal light, a ‘fire’ crackling and our tables turned to create the walls of the cave.  It was very exciting!  We foraged for natural materials in the school grounds to use as our tools and once collected, we returned to our cave to create our masterpieces.  Our paintings told a story, and lots of us decided to draw pictures of animals that we had captured.  Some of us used our hands as a stencil, like the stone age people did all those years ago.  Once we had completed our artwork, we took time to look at other people’s pictures and tried to retell the story they portrayed.

Take a look at the pictures below!