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British Science Week

The theme this year is 'Connections'. We discussed the characteristics scientists would need and then looked at some examples of connections in our lives. We then discussed things forensic scientists might do, and explored the question, 'How different really are our fingerprints?'

Year 6 have also been looking at the way that different things in our bodies are connected, and have focussed on the circulatory system. We have learnt some fascinating things: there are 300 million blood cells in one drop of blood;the average adult has enough blood in their body to fill 15 cans of Coke; and, if all the blood vessels in your body were laid end-to-end they would strectch for 60000 miles! 


In small groups, the children have designed investigations to look at the effects of different variables on pulse rates, including gender, height, age and intensity of exercise.