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Blue Week

We have been exploring colours in nursery. This week the colour focus is blue. The children have been very busy finding objects both in nursery and at home. 


We have been talking about how some things are the same colour but different shades with different names. 


The children have been on a colour hunt and played with resources relating to the colour of the week. They have also completed craft activities and have found items to put in the fish tank relating to the colour of the week. 


The children have used their maths skills to count and sort how many of each coloured object they have found and have used mathematical language such as ‘most’ and ‘fewest’. They have also explored shapes through colour. 


The children have been very excited about showing their photographs on Tapestry of what they have found at home. This has helped to develop their communication and language skills and knowledge and understanding of the world. 


The children had blueberries at snack time and made blue cakes with Mrs Ray. They also discovered that when they mixed blue with yellow, it made green.