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The Big School's Birdwatch


With the start of lockdown we wanted to do something to do altogether, even though we are apart.

We loved sharing Yuval Zommer's "Big Book of Birds" in school, and learnt all about city birds and how to attract birds into  our gardens.  We've loved looking at his "Big book of Bugs" and his "Big book of Blooms" back in the summer, and had used them when we planted our sunflowers and found out about butterflies as we got ready to move to Year 1 together.


We looked together online at some beautiful collages of robins by Lucy Thrift of Thrift designs.  Could we recycle some things we had already collected in school and what the children could find at home to make our own?  We looked at what Lucy had used and talked about robins.

Lucy Thrift at Thrift design

The children did an amazing job!
We loved how Freddie chose to add the word "Christmas" to his robin all on his own! 
And Rozalia found the words "long lasting" on her recycled collage!
You can only look at Jacob's robin and smile!

The children needed to get to know more birds so they could recognise them as we did the RSPB Big school bird watch.  We watched Matt Sewell's fantastic "How to draw birds" -

and the children had a great afternoon drawing and painting blue tits.  We found out more about birds and labelled them.