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This half term we have been learning about the artist and designer Jane Foster as part of our topic on Toys. 

We watched a short film about her which she had made, and written the music for.  We wanted to be creative too.  You can watch the short film here: 


The children were inspired by her style of drawing to do their own self portraits and drawings of their own toys.  We looked at some of the toys Jane Foster had made, especially her Christmas toys.

After reading "The Elves and the Shoemaker" the children all used a basic outline to draw their own Christmas toy elf.  They thought carefully about how to do the lines and patterns across the body, and the style of drawing for the face - how would they draw the eyes, nose and cheeks?  How would they add a bobble or a bell on the hat? 

Once again this year we had our "Young Apprentices" making things to sell for the PFA.  Year One used these little elves as the starting point for our tiles which they carefully printed.  Again they had to think about the pattern on the elf's body, how to do the nose and cheeks, and what about the tip of the hat?   They did a great job!