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Animals including Humans- Teeth

We have been becoming super scientists in Year 4 by learning about teeth. We are learning about the digestive system. We started our learning observing closely our own teeth so that we could identify what different teeth humans have. We were able to identify 4 different shapes of teeth. We made models of our teeth using clay. We learned that human have 4 types of teeth as omnivores. We found out what each type of tooth was used for. This learning helped us to apply our knowledge to identify animals from their skulls. We could tell if the animal was a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore based on the type of teeth that were present. We will deepen our knowledge and understanding with a local visit to the Search Museum in Gosport next half-term. 


In order to become effective scientists, we have also been developing our working like a scientist skills.  As part of our research about teeth (using books and the internet), we discovered that teeth can last for thousands of years after we die which led us to question what can actually damage teeth. We set up an experiment using hard boiled eggs and a range of different liquids to assess what could damage teeth. As a class we discussed and agreed how we would ensure the test was fair. Importantly, we had to look at our results to help us make conclusions about what could damage teeth.