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A Very Special Guest

St Nicholas

One of our families is from Slovakia, and they told us about a very special mystery guest who just might come and pay our class a visit.  We learned that Friday 6th December is St Nicholas' feast day.  In Slovakia, and other countries around the world children prepare for him coming.  St Nicholas's parents were very rich but they died when he was very young, but Nicholas listened to the words in the Bible to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor."  He became a bishop and he gave his whole life to help the poor and sick.  He was always very kind to those in need, especially children.  He would go around and throw money and small toys in through the windows, so he became a saint. 

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Children started to polish their shoes and leave them out in the hope that he would come.  

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He sounds very like Father Christmas - but we looked carefully at the pictures.  He has a special Bishops hat, and a special staff like a shepherd - just like bishops do now, as they remember the Good Shepherd in the story Jesus told, and try to look after their flock - the people they meet.
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Our class washed their wellies and put them on the windowsill.
They were very excited to find that St Nicholas had been in the night and had put some lovely gifts inside their wellies - sweets, satsumas, stickers and a colouring picture of St Nicholas himself!  What a wonderful tradition to learn about and share.
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Picture 1