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7th January

Welcome 7th January and Prologue of Sky Song

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Hello year 5

Thank you to everyone who sent me some home learning. 

I thought some of your ideas about being granted a wish which wasn't as good as you'd hoped (like King Midas) were very interesting.  Today, you need to be a critical reader and edit and improve.  

Some of the common errors I noticed were:

  • Not using a capital letter for a proper noun
  • Not inserting a comma after a fronted adverbial
  • Not checking your spellings (happend) remember ed past tense ending
  • Confusing are and our (you use our when you're talking about something belonging to us)

Many of you have made a start with your Athens and Sparta work, so thank you for that.  Please remember, though, that you have to give reasons and justifications under all the headings for choosing to live in one city state over the other.  If you're not sure what they are, watch the video again.  It will be under yesterday's icon.  

Some common errors:

  • not writing in full sentences
  • not justifying in enough detail
  • not punctuating your writing correctly 

I hope you all have a good day today.  Take some exercise at some point, and try and go out for a walk or run around.  

Take care