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Week 2

Today, Tuesday 7th May, we had our second forest school session.  


First we gathered flags from around the forest school area.  While we were collecting the flags we were also looking out for any hazards.  


We then talked about games played in Australia by the Aborigines.  We played a skipping game called "Turi Turi".  Then we planted some seed bombs under the newly planted trees to flower in summer to encourage bees and insects.  


After that we learnt some Australian songs.  We sang "Waltzing Matilda" and "The Kookaburra".  As we sat around the fire singing, corn bread was cooked on the warm embers.  We all enjoyed eating cornbread with jam, it was delicious.  


To finish our session we all had another go at throwing the boomerang and tried to throw it further than last time.