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Week 1

Today, Tuesday 29th April, was our first Forest School session and the children were very excited.  


We all gathered together around the fire pit to hear about forest school rules.  Dr Collins brought her didgeridoo to show us and played it for us.  Then we had to carry out a risk assessment of the area using red flags.  We had to place the red flags where there may be a hazard eg: a hole, stinging nettles, bird poo!


After this we learnt to play some aboriginal games of tapping the ball quickly to each other and then a skipping game called 'Turi Turi'.  Next we sat back down around the fire pit and listened to two aboriginal stories while we cooked and ate corn bread on the fire pit.  


We finished the session musically using sticks to tap out Australian Aboriginal rhythms.  Then we had a throwing competition with the boomerang.  We had lots of fun and can't wait for next week!