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The children all made a great start after half term and seemed excited to return to school.  As a Church school we don't do anything about Halloween but as we try to follow the children's interests we focused the children's learning around pumpkins.    

On Monday morning suddenly lots of pumpkins appeared in the reception garden and around our playground -  the children went on a hunt to find them.  We had a good look at them and started to put them in order of size.  It was tricky to decide which was bigger with some of them, so the children weighed them to find out.  As they are quite big we made our own balance scales with coat hangers and baskets - but pumpkins can be heavy - we broke several hangers!

We've used the pumpkins for lots of cooking this week.  First of all we cut a pumpkin open to look inside - the children scraped out the seeds to make toasted pumpkins seeds.  They had to wash the pulp off the seeds, then rinse them and dry them.  We sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon - it smelt delicious! One of the children thought the cinnamon smelt like biscuits.  The children then wondered what's inside the seeds? We ate them outside in the sunshine!

Then we made Pumpkin Soup.  We looked at all the different vegetables as we prepared them.  The children smelt the garlic and immediately thought of garlic bread!  They peeled the carrots and potatoes, chopped the garlic, onion and celery - they tried to use their "claw hands" to cut them up to keep their fingers safe while they used the knives.  But oh dear - we had a problem! Mrs North's spice jar had the wrong lid on, it wasn't coriander - it was curry powder!  We used that instead...We all shared the soup the next day.  Not everybody liked it, but lots of the children loved it and wanted more.  We read Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.  
Then we made pumpkin muffins.  The children weighed out the ingredients.  Some of this was tricky - adding level teaspoons,  measuring tablespoons of runny honey, adding an egg and grating the pumpkin, but we did it!  Everyone took a cake home on Friday afternoon - the perfect end to the week...