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The children and staff had lots of fun with the elf this term. It started with a letter being delivered with a present. One of the children unwrapped the present and it contained an Elf and a DVD of Elf on the Shelf. Mrs Cantillon read out the letter which was from Father Christmas telling the children that he had sent Jack the Elf to nursery for the children to look after and teach the rules. 


Jack moved around the nursery each day and the children looked forward to coming into nursery to see what he had been doing. A couple of days before the children finished nursery, a very naughty elf turned up to cause more mischief with Jack.


Some of the mischief they got up to include: 


* Making snow angels with the flour

* Flying with the pterodactyl

* Swinging from a bauble on string

* Hiding in the puppy bag with the Elf DVD

* Flying in the hot air balloon

* Eating biscuits

* Covering Boris the puppet with plasters, bandages, socks and pants

* Photocopying Jack the Elf

* Wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper

* The very naughty elf taped Jack to the window

* The very naughty elf wrapped Mrs Adams in Christmas paper

* Both elves hid in the fridge and freezer

* Both elves flew to Mrs Cantillon's house and were found outside her house!