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This half term the children have been learning about how God created the world.  They listened and watched as the story was recreated with props in the classroom and these were left out for the children to go back to and retell with each other.

We went outside and went on a creation walk,  looking for all the wonderful things God has made.  The children looked for what they thought was really special.
The children made apple crumble with fruit which Mrs Wall had brought in for us, from her garden.  We all loved eating it!
We remember too that God made us - so that He can love us and we can love Him.  The children had a wow moment as we made our "globes" using marbling inks with blues and greens to represent the sea and the land.  We decorated them with pictures the children had drawn of themselves.

St Francis Feast Day


2 years ago Bishop Philip came to visit our school and he suggested that every class have a Saint to commemorate.  Reception remember St Francis.  Sister Evelyn, from Park Place in Wickham came to visit us.  She told us all about St Francis and  how he cared for God's creation and his special prayer, the Canticle of the Sun - to Brother Sun and Sister Moon.  She explained all about St Francis and his friend St Clare, and how they cared for the poor.  She is a Franciscan nun and she explained that she joined his special family - the Franciscans.    Lots of children went home and told their own family's about her visit.

On Thursday 4th October the Reception class held a class liturgy in the hall and we invited all our families in to join us.  We listened again to the story of God's creation and remembered St Francis's example to care for God's world and the people in it who do not have all the good things that we share.  As the children went home we shared out the Celebration sweets Sister Evelyn had given us for our own celebration of St Francis!
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